Monday, October 26, 2009

Post-Drunk Text Update

After basically humiliating myself Saturday night with an assault on Stalker via text message, he still wanted to see me on Sunday! Yeah, I was surprised too! When he finally contacted me, I suggested sushi. It's his favorite...not so much mine. The least I could do is treat him to a meal he would enjoy after all that drunk-texting.

Once he got to my place, we drove up to one of his sushi spots, only to decide we were going to have Five Guys burgers instead. If there's a Five Guys near your hometown, do check it out! It is greasy and know...GOOD SHIT! After we gorged ourselves on sloppy burgers and fries, we topped it off with Rita's custard and Italian Ice. Also good shit...check it out! So we went back to my place, about five pounds heavier. The original plan included miniature golf, but I had on my gold stripper heels and poor Stalker has a little cold. We decided, since I had Blockbuster DVD's neither of us had seen, to veg on the couch with the wine we never drank last weekend. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon/evening. I fed Stalker Theraflu, so he was pretty out of it early on.

I knew Stalker had plans this evening for some boy fantasy draft something another, so I was shocked when I received a text from Stalker telling me he was in my area this evening. I was already at the bookstore and let him know this. Of course, he just had to come by to see what I wore today. Silly Stalker...

All in all, nothing has changed with Stalker. My texts didn't seem to phase him too much. He is still calling and sending texts. He was just as attentive, complimentary, affectionate, and cuddly as usual.


The Angel and Demon Within said...

Glad to hear that you didn't uck things up. ;) I know you were worried. Just more proof that this guy really likes you more than he thinks he does.

Dimplz said...

I have been reading these posts back to back (had to catch up) but I am going to venture to guess that the reason he's so open with you is because he thinks this is a no-strings thing. I will also guess that prolonging this arrangement will only hurt you more. If this is what you want (a no-strings then) then that works. But if it isn't, this could be the reason that you have these bad experiences with various men. It's not meant to be mean, but they can't all be the problem. I am a strong believer that people treat you the way you allow them to, and there seems to be a few situations where you seem to set yourself up. I just think you can do better, and I hope you are not offended by my opinion.

jo said...

i'm glad that he seemed pretty cool bout the drunk texts. then again we've probably all been there before right? if only we'd learn to keep the phone away when we're drunk haha!

jo said...

i'm glad that he seemed pretty cool bout the drunk texts. then again we've probably all been there before right? if only we'd learn to keep the phone away when we're drunk haha!

SaneAndSingle said...

Dimplz- I appreciate your frankness, and you may be right about Stalker. This did begin as a no-strings attached situation. I can't say what it may or may not turn into.

I also never said that all the men were the problem. I very rarely meet men I would even consider for a relationship. That, I've admitted openly, is my problem. I have certain standards when it comes to long-term, and most men I meet don't measure up.

I would rather be alone than with somebody and miserable. I also would rather have happiness while I can and take risks for that happiness. Yeah, it may hurt me, but wounds do heal. It also may take a turn no one would expect. That is the beauty of life.

This blog is just a chronicle of my dating life, good and bad. I know that I can do better, but I'm going to enjoy myself along the ride instead of moping around waiting for "him" to knock on my door.

Dimplz said...

I can understand that.

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