Friday, June 26, 2009


In honor of one of the greatest entertainers of all time, I'm adding this sexy song of the week. RIP Michael Jackson.

Text me, baby....text meeee!

So this is the text conversation I had with RM yesterday. His last couple of statements really get under my skin. I love how he assumes (probably because I'm a woman) that what I'm telling him is a "phase" or "mood swing". This is why I cut the convo short. Well, I really was in the car, heading to the doctor office by that point. Oh yeah, and please excuse any typos and/or slang. I have fumble fingers on the Crackberry.

RM: Good a.m. Too hot in da a.m? Too hot in da afternoon? Too hot in da evening? Whats up, Big Poppa gotta have it! Oh yea I would like to c u 2!

Me: Suuure u want to see me...nice after-thought.

RM: Sure i do. But not gonna lie on the other part either! They go hand in hand

Me: Well I guess I shouldn't lie either. I'm bored. Yeah the sex is great but I need convo, phone calls, qt. Maybe I'm more of a relationship type...
Not saying u have to be the 1 to give that to me. I know u don't have time for/want that so it's cool. I just know I'm nit happy being alone all the time.

RM: Understandable. Im tryin ti fit in when & how i can. My a.m appt cancelled. Have some time. Can come by, take a Hang out talk. Maybe time 4 a movie?

Me: See that's it...I don't want to be "fit" in when u have cancellation. I need/want to be a priority for some1. U have fam and kids. I have nothing. I would like my chance to be special. I have dr appt to get to right now anyway. Sorry.

RM: Ok. I dont know if u havin one of ur u wanna be in a relationship moments or if this is permanent. However i understand what u r sayin. Regardless im here as a friend if nothin else. Make a great day!

Me: I told u in the past that I would like a relationship. Just always had no prob w/ FWB situation until I realized I'm unhappy w/ just a part of a man.

RM: Ok. When did u realize u r unhappy w/part of a man? Bcuz in the past u also said u didnt want the drama of a relationship & a man smothering u 24/7. Thats why i asked if this is permanent or another mood swing.

Me: 1 can have a relationship w/out drama and smothering.

RM: Ok. I think u r bored & feelin emotional. No school right now. No hectic schedule & want to fill the void. Forgive me if im wrong. How can i help, if i can help?

Me: Driving now. Talk later.

As for MatchMan, I had to postpone our date last night, because I've been sick with some sort of stomach virus for 3 days now. Icky poo! We decided to reschedule for Saturday! I'm sooo excited and hate that I had to reschedule! I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sexy Song of the Week and MatchMan

Happy hump day, everybody!! This week's song is an oldie but goodie! Yeah, old school sexy is a good thing too! Enjoy!

MatchMan and I went out to a movie Monday night. A good time was had by all! Yes friends, we will be going on a second date Thursday night! I think stripper heels and conservative attire is where it's at! ;-)

MatchMan was the same in person as on the phone. We are still doing the teen phone thing. I'm trying to ween that down a little though, because you know what they say about too much of a good thing. It is a good thing, but I don't want it to burn out before it really gets started.

Sooo...I have Ex-Coworker coming in town for the 4th of July weekend...what to do??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Match Me!

Earlier this week, I took the plunge and joined A couple of my friends have had some luck on there and have been urging me to join for some time now. Honestly?? I didn't want to pay for it! Yeah, yeah call me a cheap bastard (umm...bitch??)!! I bit the bullet and pulled out the credit card.

I've had quite a few responses on there. Some might even be worth meeting! One, in particular, has stolen my interest. He was actually the first to contact me. We will call him MatchMan. MatchMan and I had our first phone conversation Thursday evening. That convo lasted into the wee hours of the morning! I know...that's teen phone call status! And if you know me, you know that I don't do that crap. I really can't stand talking on the phone. Since then, we have been non-stop texting and talking on the phone. I just hope this guy captures my interest half this much when we finally do meet in person. When will that be, you ask? Possibly tomorrow night. If not then, we plan to get together Tuesday. We both already had other obligations for the weekend. I don't remember the last time a man made me laugh so much, and if you know me, that is definitely a prerequisite for a relationship.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vegas baby!

So I haven't exactly been dating lately, but I did manage to go on a girls' trip to the lovely and sinfully fun Las Vegas. Yep, I'm talking eight hours of sleep in four days, a liquid diet consisting of alcohol and water*, and flirting with cute strangers while they let you gamble their money! A good time was had by all. I got back home early yesterday morning, and I still haven't recovered.

One the ladies with us actually met a man from another country who was doing this world travel thing for about 3 months. He was actually date material!! Who the hell goes to Vegas and meets a nice guy/boyfriend material?? While I didn't meet my future husband, I did have a good ole time, drinking and flirting and getting away from real life. Who knew the desert could be so fun?

In other news, RM is still coming around...I guess that's the closest thing to dating I have. Eh, it's easy and not too demanding...the sex is the BOMB! So I'll keep him for now. LOL

Ex-Coworker will be visiting in a couple weeks, and I'm more excited about seeing him again the closer it gets.

The ideas to shake things up a bit that I mentioned in a previous post have not come to fruition. I was going to get a local radio morning show to set me up on 20 blind dates. They have yet to respond to my email, so I'm not so sure it will happen. Sad, sad times of my dating life...

*I may have been drunk but not crazy! Must stay hydrated when taking in large amounts of alcohol in the desert!