Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have I missed the opportunity?

I finally watched Evan Almighty a few days ago. The movie wasn't one I would call a "must see", but I had nothing else to do, and it was on HBO. Something "God" (or Morgan Freeman, as I like to call him) said to Evan kinda struck home with me.

"When people pray for patience, do you think God grants them patience? Or opportunities to be patient? When people pray for courage, do you think God grants them courage? Or opportunities to be courageous? When people pray to grow closer to their family do you think God sends along warm, fuzzy feelings? Or the opportunity to spend more time with family?"

Maybe all those times I've prayed for love and happiness, God has given me the OPPORTUNITIES to love and make myself happy. And maybe, just maybe, I haven't seized those opportunities. Maybe love doesn't always come in making a ruckus with flashing lights and signs directing us toward it. Maybe sometimes love tests us before we realize it has even entered our doors, and maybe we just fail those tests. I mean, love does require patience and courage. Maybe I have neither.

Monday, July 20, 2009

If it wasn't for bad luck....

I'd have no luck at all. I have decided that RM is a controlling, narcissistic, arrogant bastard. I know you're thinking, "What the hell took you so long to figure that out?" I guess I just had to learn the good old-fashioned way....that would be the HARD way! Again, we had a text convo a few days ago, during which he wanted to share his views on where he stood on relationships (not that it really mattered to me). He was explaining that he never asked about other guys because of his "confidence". When I asked what he meant, I received this response.

RM: If I was ready 4 a relationship, u would be w/me. Period. That being said, he got u. I will continue my quest 4 another homie, lover, friend as u call it lol

That surpasses confidence into the area of arrogance! Really?? I wanted to say "You aren't that damn hot motherfucker!" But I bit my tongue (uh, texting finger??) and just gave him a "Is that right?" instead. He went on to tell me that he just wasn't ready to jump right into a relationship, to which I responded, "I never asked you to." This next text was so fucking cheesy, I had to end all communication!

RM: Well drop the zero. Get w/a hero & meet me ur place tomorrow. Do some makin' up & movin' forward! How bout all day & night lovin'. Not fuckin' as u call it.

All I could do is laugh at that one! As for me calling it fucking, yeah I do! I call it what it is. If it's just fucking, that's exactly what I call it!

As for MatchMan, last Sunday night was the night for consummation. Yep, we did the dirty and it was goooood. Too bad he went to jail Tuesday afternoon! Yeah, you read that right, no need to back up. MatchMan is in jail for the next 30 days. I would rather not get into why, because that is his personal business. He isn't some hardened murderer or anything. He did make some mistakes that anyone could have fallen victim to. That is all I'm going to say about it. So yeah, we officially had the talk and became exclusive on Sunday night, and by Tuesday night, he was locked up. What tangled webs, huh?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I think I may be off the market...

Things are going almost TOO well with MatchMan. We still talk on the phone for an insane amount of hours everyday. We have also spent as much time as possible together. BUT July is his month to be a full-time daddy. He has an 11 year old daughter, and he sees her quite regularly as it is, but he has her full-time this month. This has slowed down our progress a bit, which may be a good thing. Even though I happily accept this, he does not. This past Sunday, he called and asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him and his daughter on Monday afternoon. I was shocked that he would want me to meet her so early. I mean, she had been around when we spoke on the phone a few times, so she did know OF me. I asked over and over if he was sure he was ready for this, and he acknowledged that it was early, but said he thought it was a good idea to move forward.

MatchMan and daughter picked me up at my apartment on Monday afternoon for our "date". She is a cute little thing...adorable really. My inner-teacher loves the fact that she is well-behaved and well-spoken. She is polite, and she loves her daddy to death. After some video games and a movie, we went to eat and then headed back to my place. She loved my cats, probably more than I do. They stayed at my apartment for about an hour so she could play with them. I was surprised that he showed affection toward me in front of the kid. He held my hand a couple times, put his arm around me while we sat on the couch, and gave me a quick kiss goodbye as they were leaving. About an hour after they left, MatchMan sent me a text that said, "She liked you and the cats. Good job!" Now I'm beginning to feel a tinge of nervousness about our upcoming date this weekend. It's THAT TIME. We have done a whole lot of "making out", but we haven't been horizontal together yet, if ya know what I mean? We'll see what the future holds on Sunday night! A friend of his is in town for the weekend, and there is a pool party for his daughter's birthday on Saturday. I've also scheduled a girls' night in for Saturday, so unfortunately, Sunday is the best we can do right now.

As for RM, I finally told him I was seeing someone, and he responded, "Oh, that's why you've been ignoring me." I really didn't much to say to that, as RM will argue with a tree if the breeze blows its leaves in the opposite direction. Two days later, he actually DIALED MY NUMBER!!! That's one of the things that annoys me about him...he constantly wants to have FULL conversations via text. When I didn't answer, he then sent a text saying, " could say HELLO sometimes!" Unfortunately, I was on my "date" with MatchMan and his daughter at the time. I didn't see the missed call and text until several hours later, because my phone was silenced. I sent an apology text telling him that I was in a movie when he called; I would've called but it was kind of late. This is how the rest of the text convo went down:

RM: Thanks for the invite

Me: Well, the guy I was with wouldn't have appreciated that too much. I met his daughter today.

RM: I hope he's serious introducing u to his daughter so early

Me: We'll see

RM: I called u today and the other day to discuss where I am w/ relationships and possibly entertain giving it a try but the other possible chick and u r now off limits so I guess Im back to bein me...its cool tho

I'm not going to lie. I didn't respond, and I haven't called him. It's funny how he never once wanted a relationship until I met MatchMan's daughter (note: I've NEVER met RM's kids in all the years I've known him!). It's also interesting to me that there is suddenly another "possible chick"...all laughable, really.

Oh yeah, I told the Ex-Coworker that I had met someone, and I didn't feel right about having him in town for the weekend the weekend before he was to arrive. He didn't take it well at all. He didn't believe that I had just met MatchMan and accused me of lying to him the past few months. Of course, now he refuses to talk to me.