Saturday, May 30, 2009

You see that picture up there? It's very similar to my dating life right now. I've been a woman who has been all work and no play. You know what that means, right? Hell yeah, it's time to get a party started up in this bitch!

RM asked me for a key to my apartment (um, via text), and I LOL'ed (via text). He canceled our Memorial Day plans because his cousin "came in town" and stopped calling. I don't see RM enough to give him a key. I mean, we haven't even had a "What are we doing?" talk!!! Ex-Coworker continues to send naughty texts, only now he wants naughty pics in return, and Don (Juan) is still MIA. I'm so very over the games.

The school year ended yesterday, and I have to work two more days before my summer break officially starts! I need to find a way to shake things up a bit, and I have a couple ideas. Stay tuned...

Sexy song for intermission:

Is it just me, or does Will Smith not look just so scrumpdelicious in that video? Oh my...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

And now, for something completely different!

Well, not really...

Ex-coworker has decided to resurface. He never actually went anywhere, but sometimes our communication is more sporadic than others. He has been texting me again...almost to the point of "sexting". It really is too bad that he doesn't live closer, because the thangs that man can do to make me quiver...sigh. He has a vacation planned in July to go visit family, so he is taking a road trip. Guess what?! He will be driving right through my city to reach his destination. We have decided that he will stop and hang with me for the weekend on his way up and again the next weekend on his way back home. So it looks as if Ex-coworker will be my date for whatever July 4 celebratory Jack Daniels drinking in which I will partake.

Oh yeah, he sent me a text this AM telling me would make a mixed CD for 8th grade is that?? So adorable, really.

The Return of Don (Juan) and Jen Lancaster

I received this text message from Don (Juan) this evening:

I was not ignoring yu i had reaction to meds went back to hosp

Of course, I didn't respond, because I was too damn busy listening to Jen Fucking Lancaster speak at my local Barnes and Noble! Jealous, much?? I know you are. Omigod! She is my idol! And to top it all off, she is extremely nice...snarky and sassy!

So back on topic...I'm a little concerned about Don (Juan)'s health status. I did eventually reply via text but have yet to hear back from him.

* Is it just me or is text-speak totally annoying? I mean, why not just spell out the word "you"'s only missing one freaking letter!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back, bitches!!!

I just can't seem to find the time to write these days! Work is kicking my figurative ass. My car was vandalized. People, don't ever become a high school teacher! I know, I know, we do it for the children. But one of those sweet little baybays bashed in my windshield, so for a while there I was not so sane after all...although I am still single! Hehe. I still talk to and occasionally see RM. With our schedules, it gets rough though. We've made tentative plans for Memorial weekend. PoPo and the others have kind of fallen by the wayside again, although the guy whom I mentioned a few posts back (the guy from 10 years ago who lives 3 hours away) still gives me a ring once in a while. We shall call him "Flakey". Y'all confused yet??

As for this guy that I met up with, it lasted for all of three dates. He just couldn't understand why I didn't want him to come over and climb into bed with me at midnight for our third date. Yeah, that's dinner, no movie, no drinks....just straight to bed! He hasn't called again, after I politely told him I wasn't ready for slumber parties yet.

I met up for drinks with a guy I met on a dating site Monday night. Don (as in Juan) and I got along well. It was short but sweet. He was just in town for a couple days but plans to move here in the summer. The next day after the date, he sent me a text saying he thought he had the swine flu (WTF is that about anyway?). It turns out he ate some seafood in an egg roll, and apparently, he is allergic! No hear from Don (Juan) allergy guy in a couple days.

And as for the sexy songs I haven't posted in the last few weeks, will you please accept this as my apology?

Love and Sex and Magic by Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake

Your touch is so magic to me
The strangest things can happen
The way that you react to me
I wanna do something you can’t imagine
Imagine if there was a million me’s talking sexy to you like that
You think you can handle, boy
If I give you my squeeze and I need you to push it right back

Baby, show me, show me
What’s your favorite trick that you wanna use on me
And I’ll volunteer
And I’ll be flowing and going
Till clothing disappears, ain’t nothing but shoes on me
Oh, baby


All night, show it, just you and the crowd
Doing tricks you never seen
And I bet that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around you
I bet you know what I mean
Cause you know that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic

(Verse 2)

Everything ain’t what it seems
I wave my hands and I got you
And you feel so fly assisting me
But now it’s my turn to watch you
I ain’t gonna stop you if you wanna crowd my neck
Talk sexy to me like that
Just do what I taught you, girl
When I give you my heat and I need you to push it right back



Oh, this is the part where we fall in love
Oh, let’s slow it down so we fall in love
But don’t stop what you’re doing to me

(Chorus [2x])