Friday, April 8, 2011

POS Man 2

Not long after things ended with POS1, I had another bite. He is a military police officer and very attractive (to me anyway). We had a couple phone conversations and decided to meet at a local bookstore/coffee shop on a Sunday evening. He bought us coffee and conversation was real easy. But unlike POS1, POS2 made it VERY clear that he was attracted to me. About an hour into the date, he began to make sexual innuendos, almost to the point that I was uncomfortable. He let me know that he had a foot fetish. I still can't put my finger on it, but it was creepy for some reason. Call it a gut feeling...

I figured I hadn't given him a fair chance, so I continued to communicate with him over the next couple weeks. One night he invited me over for pizza and a movie. I went, even though I wasn't comfortable going to his home yet.* I also made the mistake of wearing flip flops! I wasn't even thinking of his love of women's feet.

As we were watching the movie, I was sitting with my legs crossed next to him on the couch. He continued to slouch further and further down in the couch, his arm stretched out. Next thing I know, POS2 is stroking the arch of my foot with his finger. I just looked at him in horror, and he said, "Oh, there was something on your foot!" I moved away from him, and yet he just continued to somehow work his way back to my foot. He thought it was cute and playful. Again, my creeper alarm continued to go off. As soon as the credits rolled, I jumped up and said it was past my bed time. My feet and I got out of there unscathed!

POS2 still continues to text. He asked me when we are going to watch a movie with him. I was honest and explained that I wasn't comfortable being alone with him in either of our homes. He claimed to understand and said we would keep it public until I'm comfortable. But of course, he hasn't bothered to ask me out anywhere again.

*no lectures please!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

POS Man 1

So I joined POF around the Christmas holidays. I got many responses, but only a couple stood out. One was a man around my age with a good job and no kids (woo hoo!). We chatted on POF for a week or so and then moved it to text messaging. He was funny, and we had quite a few common interests. We finally made a lunch date for the afternoon of New Year's Eve. In person, he was very quiet and seemed a bit shy. I found him to be attractive, even though he was only an inch or so taller than I am. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but not too hard on the eyes. Because POS1 was so shy, I had no way of knowing if he was interested or found me attractive. We ate lunch and talked for a while, making the date last a couple hours. I drove away from the restaurant puzzled. Later that evening, he sent a text about his iPod (a reference to our earlier conversation). So that meant he was interested, right?

He eventually asked me out again for the next week. We went bowling. By the way, he had NEVER at this point actually DIALED my number; all communication was via text. We had a good time on the second date, and he showed signs of coming out of his shell. The date ended with a big hug in the parking lot at my car. This same pattern repeated for the next couple weeks. We met for dates two more times. We never went to one another's homes, and he never made a move on me. He did, however, pay for all outings. Never did we actually speak on the phone, but there was the occasional "How was your day?" text during the week. I was confused...really confused. I decided to go with the flow and enjoy the free meals, movies, and bowling.

On our last date (the 4th or 5th), POS1 shocked me and suggested that we hang out at his place and watch a DVD that next weekend. I figured a month into seeing someone wasn't too early, so I agreed. Of course, throughout the week, we didn't really talk. Finally on that Friday, I sent a text that said, "Woo hoo! It's the weekend!" A few hours later, he responded saying, "Thank goodness!" I then asked if we were still on for the weekend. He said, "I don't know. All I want to do right now is relax." Not fully understanding that that was code for "Shut up and leave me alone", I then sent another text stating that I was trying to plan something else with some friends for the weekend and just wanted to confirm a time with him. Heard nothing back until Saturday morning. While I was doing my weekly grocery shopping I received a scathing text that said, "Now I'm pissed. You don't know when to quit. You continued to text me after I told you I wanted to relax. This isn't going to work. You are too bossy, pushy, and clingy." Well, ain't that some shit? Eh, bossy and pushy maybe... :) Not sure how one can be clingy when we don't even SPEAK during the week!