Friday, October 23, 2009

Filling in the Gaps

I thought I would share some other random boy news with you guys...just little tidbits not necessarily worthy of whole entries.

Ex-Coworker and I are back on good terms, although it took a while after I met MatchMan. He wasn't too keen on the idea of me canceling our plans in favor of another man, but when you won't commit those are the chances you take, right? So yeah, we talk occasionally and had even started planning a weekend to meet up again. Then my grandfather passed away and kinda foiled those plans for now. It's probably for the best anyway. I'm pretty sure that's a dead-end road, as far as anything substantial. He does continue to send me interesting pics via text though.*

Oh, and dear, sweet, lovable, distant, and cocky RM. Just when I think he is gone for good, he resurfaces. A few weeks ago, I made plans for a little nookie with Stalker to take place on a hump day**. While at work that afternoon, good ol RM sent a text asking how I was doing. I told him all was well, except the stress of work. He then proceeded to ask if he could come hang out with me that night...translation..."I'm horny and want to get nekkid with you!" I told him that I had plans that night, and his response was "Cancel! The girls will understand if you stand them up for a good dick down!" Oh my...I literally laughed out loud when I read that! Really?? If only he knew that I was turning him down for a better-bodied, better-dicked, 10-year his junior sexy thang! It truly amazes me just how good he thinks he has it. I mean the sex was good, but his attitude and conceit kills it all.

RM contacted me again*** just after I returned from my grandfather's funeral and told me he was there if I need him. For some reason, I doubt that. Fast-forward to today...I received a text from RM, and then the following conversation took place.

RM: Thinkin bout u. Sayin hello! Make a great Fri...
Me: Hello to you too! How are you?
RM: Hangin...been better but its fri. U?
Me: I'm living...
RM: Smile while u do it! U need help smiling....I will try
Me: Just what are you proposing?
RM: Nothin particular. Just offering to make u smile!
Me: Uh huh...I'm sure you had something in mind...
RM: Actually not this time. Concerned bout u. Know u having rough time w/grandfather death
Me: Yeah. Work has been rough too. What do you have going on this weekend?
RM: Fall fest tonight. Game tomorrow. Football banquet sunday. Nxt wkend Im free though.
Me: What is fall fest? Have 2 halloween parties next week if you wanna put on your costume!
RM: School fall festival. Trick or treat
Me: Guess that means you don't wanna put on your costume?
RM: Nooo thx. lol
Me: Well I invited you to parties. Doubt I'll dress up myself.
RM: Golf nxt sat am. Parties when?
Me: Sat nite
RM: Well we do fri nite. lol
Me: Don't worry about it.
RM: U dont want to get together fri nite?
Me: Well I did ask you to halloween parties
RM: Dont do halloween...not my thang. Sorry
Me: Not about halloween...about hanging out together...what I would like to do. You know friends are supportive like that...
RM: True so fri nite
Me: No. I just said I would like you to go to parties with me. That is what I would like. But you are too selfish just to give a little I guess.
RM: Not selfish. I dont do halloween & wouldnt have a good time. Just honest
Me: Sure u r. Everything always has to be on ur terms. They are just parties where ppl will be drinking and playing games. But it's cool...
RM: Wow sorry u feel that way

So yeah, what do you think about that convo?

MatchMan called and texted last week. He wanted to see me this past weekend, but I just couldn't do it. He told me he just wanted to see me, hug me, and hold my hand. I just don't feel emotionally available to him.

And you know I couldn't go without mentioning Stalker. He left yesterday, driving the U-Haul for his "ex" and her big move. I did receive a text from him..."I made it safely". I was surprised to get even that. Stalker told me on Wednesday night that he would return sometime today (Friday). I have yet to hear from him, but then I'm not surprised by that.

* oh so naughty!
** What better day for nookie??
*** Again...just when you least expect him!


Violet said...

"Sorry you feel that way"

Major copout IMO. I got one of those this week, too, although mine turned out ok. To me, "sorry you feel that way" means "I don't like it that you are upset about something I did because it's getting in the way of what I want" does NOT mean "I am sorry for what I did."


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Helping the ex move? I'm not sure about that.

SaneAndSingle said...

Violet, I feel the same way! That's why I didn't bother to respond.

TR- I don't like it either, but I knew what I was signing up for...

SaneAndSingle said...
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Dimplz said...

I think I wouldn't entertain the conversation. I sense that you are still interested, but you know he can't give you what you want. If it were me, I would totally ignore the conversation. I was involved with someone like this, and he acted like RM, calling for an ego boost. Since I have ignored him, he has called, texted, IM'd and emailed me. All with no success. I have no interest and I just left it alone for good. Best decision I ever made.

SaneAndSingle said...

No, I am in no way, shape, or form interested in RM romantically. I thought since we had known each other for so long that we could remain friends. I was never actually interested in him for a long-term serious relationship. We butt heads way too much for that, but we have had some good times hanging out with one another.

Verity Vaudeville said...

You have to be careful lady. There are so many users in disguise in your life and you need to weed them out for the sake of your own sanity! You seem like such a lovely, sensible woman and you are putting up with so much ache, and what for? To cling on to something that's only going to hurt more the longer you pursue it.

Having said that, I appreciate it's hard for you, and to make a clean break feels like such a mean feat. I just want you to be treated with the care and respect you deserve. Nobody should be made to feel like last night's leftovers.