Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Gaps...Drunken Post

Yeah, it's early in the evening, but I'm already tipsy. I left a couple gaps open in my last post.

I did finally hear from Stalker last night after I posted. He sent a text that said, "I home safe" at about 9:45. Well, that was nice of him to let me know! Really, I am glad he made it back safely, but it makes me more aware of our situation. I like him...too much. But like I said, I'm going to enjoy it for what it is while it is. I know he is in a difficult situation, and I'm trying to be understanding. We have talked and texted a bit today, and I still can't seem to get enough of him.

In other news, well not so much happened a month ago! FWB came over about a month ago. I can't believe I neglected to blog about this!! He had been calling and texting for a while, telling me he wanted to try again. I tried to give him a chance one weekend, but he just disappointed me again by waiting until after midnight to call when we had plans. I, being the damn nice person that I am, gave him another chance the next weekend. He came over on a Saturday night to watch a football game. This was the first time he had been to my new place, which I've been in since January. He kept telling me that he could distract me from my favorite football team...ahem, I beg to differ. So when he got to my place, he came in, no hug or anything, sat on my couch and pulled his dick out! Oh my! Such a fucking turn off! I just said, "Please put that away, I'm trying to watch football." I mean, really, could you at least pretend you are interested in a little conversation??? During halftime, I realized I was hungry. We decided to make a run to Taco Bell. He was incredibly rude to the drive through worker. What happened to the polite man I met a couple years ago? Turn off #2! Once we got back, ate, and watched a little more of the game, this mofo had the nerve to fall asleep on my couch!! Turn off #3! I woke him at the end of the game and asked him to leave. He said, "Yeah, it doesn't look like you are as interested as you once were." And no, I'm not. He took off in the middle of the night, not to be heard from again.

Guess who I ran into today at Target? KH!! Yeah, I was looking at hair stuff, and I hear "Hey you!" from behind, only to turn and see him. Ugh. We chit-chatted about meaningless life stuff, such as football and work. He then said that he would love to get together and do something sometime. I mentioned that I was renewing my lease soon and said that I thought about asking for another apartment in the same complex. But I don't really care to pack and move again. He assured me that if I did he would actually come help me this time. KH then proceeded to apologize for his bad behavior, and explained that he was "in a bad place" mentally when we met. Who isn't "in a bad place"?? I'm so over the recycled BS.


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

You are just finding winners all over the place! lol.

Dimplz said...

FWB has no respect for you. I am glad you cut him loose.