Thursday, September 18, 2008


I don't usually write about anything too personal on here...well unless you count my (non)dating life!

But I just want to apologize to those for whom I usually leave comments. I've had a difficult time keeping up with blogs lately, because I have been suffering headaches...headaches that make me cry. I finally broke down and went to my doctor. He scheduled an MRI for me tomorrow, and I have the chance to become a victim of a sleep study in the next couple weeks. Yay.

Well anyway, that's why all my favorite bloggers aren't hearing from me as much as usual. It hurts to read and think sometimes.

Let's just hope it's not a tumor! (said in my best Arnold voice!) Sorry, I have to joke in order to restrain the fear. My doctor has me scared to freakin' death.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I pray its just migraines not that JUST migraines is really the right phrase, but I live with hormonal migraines.

I have even managed to live with them with OTC migraine medicine the scrips make my heart race or make me really sluggish.

Let us know what happens!


SaneAndSingle said...

Thanks! I hope it's "just migraines" myself. I've never been a migraine sufferer so this pain kind of has me scared shitless!

The only headaches I've ever suffered are sinus headaches, so I'm used to a different sort of pain.

CurvyGurl said...

Hey mami! Didn't know you're not feeling good :(. I'm glad you're getting the MRI done. You may have done this already but make sure they do a complete blood work up also.

Try not to worry (I know that's not easy), everything will be fine. I'm here if you need to talk.

jo said...

oh dear... i hope all will be well and you'll get well soon. headaches be gone!!

The Angel and Demon Within said...

I'm so sorry that they haven't gotten any better. Don't be frightened. I'll be thinking of you. Make sure you call me when you are on your way back home!!!!! I love you!

Big kissy kiss on your forehead XXXX

lisaq said...

Thinking of you and hoping for the best. Let us know how things turn out.

Roxy said...

aww! feel better!

I'm thinking they'd go away with sex... i'm sorry i'm sorry I know you're trying to be celibate but think about it.

People who try to give up coffee cold turkey get headaches... it's better to wean off ;)

Roxy said...

PS I was totally kidding around with my comment.

I really hope everything turns out ok!

Amy said...

Keep us posted. Hope you're feeling better. I know how scary this is and not knowing is the worst part. Stay strong and stay positive. Luv u honey bunches of bitches!