Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Girls Night Out or Date Night?

Next time you hear (read) me say I'm having a girls night out, remind me that Jack Daniels is NOT one of the girls! I do believe I was on a date with him and my girlfriend was the third wheel. I hope she had fun...I know I did! But my ass will be planted on this couch today for quite some time due to my date with Jack!

Unfortunately there were waaay more women out last night than men. I guess we should have known that when the place advertised that all ladies get in free and get free drinks until midnight. Much to my distaste, those free drinks were some little fruity concoction I didn't care for. So Sane paid for her man Jack.

I did meet a real man there. He is actually close to my age, actually older than I am. Too bad he is just in town visiting family for the holidays. He lives in a state far far away! Hell, by the time we started talking I was too damn drunk to care. We had a dance and exchanged phone numbers before he left with his friends. He called and texted last night, both of which I was too passed out to notice.

Okay, I'm going back to keeping my couch warm and letting the TV watch me sleep.


Dater at Large said...

and have you heard back from Teacher Man today? or is he too scared off by the big bad grown up lady? :)

jo said...

the thing bout good ole jack is that he's reliable like how not many men are. still, i think you should return the real man's call. happy new year!

The Angel and Demon Within said...

Jack, he has been around for years...

Glad there were no drunken phone calls/text made! ;)