Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Loss of Life

The LD Man lost one of his closest friends this past week. The guy was not very old (early 40's). He was excercising and complained of a headache. Suddenly, he was down. He suffered from an aneurysm, and was on life support for several days. This man had a wife and three kids. It's so very sad.

It has made me do a lot of thinking though. The time we have here on this earth is undetermined. How many days have we wasted stressed out, pissed off, sad, or feeling sorry for ourselves? Why do we get stuck for YEARS in careers or relationships we abhor?

Shouldn't we spend every moment we can appreciating those in our lives, enjoying the few precious moments given to us? Shouldn't we be happy with our partners? In our careers?

I've been thinking about running away from home lately! The only thing tying me down is Mr. Mortgage, and I'm thinking about breaking up with him! I want to be free to be happy and to enjoy those I care about.


Who's That Gurl? said...

OK, I know you think I'm crazy but do we share the same thoughts all the time?!?! A couple of weeks ago, I had a sudden urge to walk out the front door and take on a whole new life. Then reality hit when I thought of the obligations I have. It sure did help to imagine the possibilities for a few minutes. The only person holding me back from progress is...sadly, me. That's changing slowly but surely. I want that old 'just do it' attitude back :).

SaneAndSingle said...

Maybe you're my cosmic twin or something! I know I'm making the moves now, so that I can "run away" within the next year or so! Like I said, if it wasn't for Mr. Mortgage, I would have taken off already!

So where are we starting over?

jo said...

that's really sad bout LD Man's friend. it's scary how fragile life is. and shouldn't we be spending whatever time we have really living life. but sadly bills don't pay 'emselves. sometimes i think bout running away from it all... just travel the world or something. work here and there to get the money but just enjoy my life.

lisaq said...

It's definitely a hard lesson to learn and it sadly sometimes takes something tragic before some of us learn it. In my case, it was the death of my brother. I learned it the hard way, but I'm grateful for the lesson. No more wasting life for me. Every day brings something new, something wonderful to be grateful for. You have got to do what makes you happy!

The Angel and Demon Within said...

I know only to well how short our life can be. I guess that is why I wanted so badly for you not to have to go back into your current job. I'd love for you to find your happy spot even if it means us being even further away from each other.

You never have to fear the "what-if's" because you will always have a soft spot to land with us!

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I feel you, one of the main reason s I took this detour in Boston. The point was to work this project and when I returned home I would be pretty much debt free and able to make decisions about my life that were not dependent on money. My mortgage is pretty low so I can handle it no problem with all these other bills and stuff I have out of the way.

I stopped letting life stress me a long time ago. I lost my dad when he was only 46 so it was a real wake up call to enjoy life to its fullest. You only get one shot.


Sizzle said...

Sigh..I feel least you can divorce Mr. Mortgage....I have 4 more years before I'm up for parole (A will turn 18!) Hopefully that hearing will be in my!

Who's That Gurl? said...

Same here, Mr. Citibank adds an extra level to my effort to move. Not impossible but not simple. Anyhoo, the funny thing is I considered moving your way (been eyeing Alpharetta for a while) but now I'm thinking that may not be ideal either.

Maybe that's why I haven't lept...I've placed limits on the options. That has to change...immediately. said...

Hey there Sane&Single!

You have heard the old saying:
"this life is NOT a dress rehearsal" and it is sooo true.

We MUST be daring enough to do all of the things we felt were too risky to try.

We only go through life ONCE...we must make sure we have no regrets when it's time for the curtain to close.


All this time, I really thought you were OG's alter ego but since OG is commenting here, I guess I have to keep guessing your TRUE identity!


Ecrivain said...

This is sort of lame, but remember that Springsteen song, "Hungry Heart"? When I was a kid and I'd hear that on the radio, I'd think about how great it'd be to have money in my wallet and to just take off...which I guess is weird that I was thinking about this when I was a kid because, on some level, I guess I was always looking for freedom. to stop here before I start psychoanalyzing myself in this little arena.

Cheryl said...

A friend of mine found out his 48 year old employee went to the ER last week with a headache and came home to find she has about 8 weeks to live. Brain cancer. She is a wife and Mom...her kids are 16, 13 ,10. She worked out daily, ate only the healthiest of foods, was big on living "green", and never smoked or drank. It's all very sad.

My theory is that we're all a time I live each day to the fullest and when someone berates me for having a Pepsi or a really great steak, I just roll my eyes. I'm here for just so long...I enjoy my children every day and I'm never, ever too busy to not enjoy their laughter.

Sad stuff....we all need to learn from that.

Amy said...

So sorry to hear about LD's friend, very sad. It really does make you stop and think when tragedy strikes. Sometimes makes you wish you had gone ahead and had the onion rings instead of the salad. LOL
I know you'll find your happy place and I hope it's soon. I wish you all the best in your break-up with Mr. Mortgage. Don't forget to make that list after you see the realtor so Shane and I can come over and help you with repairs/additions you need to have done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the friend. Life is definately too short to waste. Times like this makes me appreciate more.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hi, Sane, I'm fairly new to your blog (it's nice!) so don't know all of your issues. In regard to Mr. Mortgage, might not be a bad time to get a realtor to appraise your home since prices have been and are expected to continue to drop. The interest rate did today, but this might be a short term slight of hand to distract people from the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac bankruptcy. Just a thought...