Sunday, August 24, 2008

Texting=NO SEX!!

So I found this woman's speech about texting on youtube, and I thought it was interesting. Tell me what you think about her theories! Ahem, I hope she doesn't mind me spreading her views around! ;)


lisaq said...

Hmmm...I dunno. I've heard this before especially if he send lots & lots of texts and there are very few phone calls. I guess I can see that to some extent but I've known a player or two who wasn't afraid to pick up the phone and call pretty often as well.

Maybe the key is to pay attention to the content of the texts/calls. For example, one player in my recent past bombarded me with texts, calls, & IMs. What I realized later was that, whatever the form of communication, the content was him, him, him. All I had to do was respond uh huh, yeah, and I suppose once in awhile. There was precious little conversation that didn't have to do with him and his wants/needs and point of view. He could really have been talking to my cat. I doubt it would have made one bit of difference.

jo said...

i must confess that i'm a big texter myself. sometimes i guess it's just easier to say things via text (or IM) as compared to over the phone. and besides it's harder to say all these lil things throughout the day without calling the other person all the time.

but that said, yeah i wished the guy would just pick up the damn phone and call me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I don't texting is cool when you first meet a person because it loses that personal touch. Now if you're at work and want to send a few text messages--I have no problems with that.

Hey Girlfriend! said...

It's pretty weird for a guy to use text messaging as the ONLY form of communication. I mean, I know texting is the new talking (I know, how unfortunate) but if this the only way he's communicating with you, you should end contact based on his inability to think outside the box - if you get my drift.


Ecrivian said...

I actually sent this to my friend who has been having a text "relationship" with a guy for over...wait for it...A YEAR.

It's fucking pathetic.

I think if a guy's interested, he'll call or see you in person. If he texts, it shows he has no balls and is fearful of rejection to such a large extent that he'll hide behind text messages.


SaneAndSingle said...

Your friend has actually gone out with this guy live and in person?? They ONLY text message? That goes beyond having no balls. I would bet he has a wife, gf, or something!

That isn't a relationship. That is a game.

SaneAndSingle said...

BTW...I don't have anything against text messaging. It's when it's the only form of communication that I have a problem with it.

The occasional text to say hello during the day is actually kinda sweet!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I laughed watching this b/c I have a relative who plays this game. The sistah is right.