Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Coach or Not to Coach?

Coach finally called me yesterday afternoon. Of course, it took a goodbye text from me to get that. My text said, "I'm throwing in the towel. I've read He's Just Not That Into And obviously, you're not anymore!"

When he called, he tried to explain that he is indeed interested, but his schedule this summer was much worse and crazier than ever. He also explained that he is having a few financial difficulties, so he has been more stressed out than he has been in a while. He asked me if we could continue to talk and get to know one another. I'm not sure if this would be a waste of my time or not.


Ecrivain said...

I sort of feel like he's just stringing you along. Those just sound like excuses to me.

I guess the most important question here is whether you're wafting on whether to continue talking to him, knowing he's not ready to commit to anything. You could very well be like that chick in the clipart -- waiting by the phone.

So...what does your gut tell you?

SaneAndSingle said...

Funny you said that about stringing me along. I said something similar to him when we spoke. I told him that if he was really truly interested in me that he could find time to call/spend together. He would make it happen even. People with much busier lives than ours manage to form relationships.