Monday, July 4, 2011

More Pity Please?

So I was looking at my label list, which includes all the men I've mentioned in this blog. Of those men, most have moved on while I've been stuck in Singleland. Check out this list, alphabetically of course:*

Doc- He is now engaged to a woman who doesn't live too far from me. I'm not quite sure when the wedding will take place.

Ex-Coworker- He is now in a serious relationship.

FWB- Also in a relationship. I found out that he and his girlfriend had a baby who died at birth a little over a year ago.

KH- In a serious relationship...complete with cute little pics all over Facebook.

MatchMan- In a serious relationship...

PoPo- Serious relationship...possibly married

Teacher Man- He is engaged and the wedding is scheduled to take place in a couple weeks.

young coworker- Got married last November.

So there you have it...maybe it wasn't them, but me.

* Most of the below information was gained via Facebook stalking. Don't judge me!

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Ecrivain said...

Yeah, but do you genuinely feel like any one of the guys mentioned is "the one" -- or more accurately, "the one that got away"? And even if one of them seems to fall into that category...well, here's what someone told me recently: "Just because they're married doesn't mean jack. It doesn't make them better than you or happier than just think they are 'cause they're in a place you want to be."

BTW -- no judgment with the Facebook stalking at all. I hate to admit it, but I've done it way too often...and it always makes me feel horrible about my own life afterwards.