Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are Men Recyclable??

So the last couple days have been interesting...interesting indeed. Four men from my past have contacted me...via text of course. Because who is actually brave enough to dial a woman's number after screwing her over?!

First, there was Old Friend. I don't believe I've ever discussed him here before. He was a part of my life back in my 20's. We met online, then met in person, hated one another, had great sex once or twice, and have remained in contact on and off since then...yeah, for about 12 years. Old Friend has told me a couple times over the past few years that he believes that he and I are meant to be, but the timing has never been right. Yeah, I know...excuses, excuses. He currently lives about a 2 hour drive from where I live. This is all due to the fact that he has been unemployed. You see he has a journalism degree...not a good look in times of the world wide web. Anyone can be a journalist! So he has been working little part time gigs here and there but can't seem to find anything steady. He told me he has been expanding his search into other areas, and that he really wants to move back into my area. He also said once he has a steady job, he plans to be with me. Hmm...

FWB has been a Facebook friend all this time, so we have kept tabs on one another via Facebook stalking. We shot a couple messages back and forth over the weekend. In the end, I went off explaining to him about how he disappointed me and that I had wanted and expected so much more. It was therapeutic in a way. It may not have affected him much, but I think it helped me. Yesterday, FWB sent me a text asking if I still want more from him. I laughed and asked if he was offering. He said, "yes, are you accepting?" He then went on to tell me that he is currently at the beach but didn't bother to let me know when he would return. I'm not sure how to take this.

I awoke to a text from MatchMan this morning, telling me we need to talk and to call him when I woke up...duh...the text itself woke me! He wanted to explain to me why we were no longer friends on Facebook. He said his girlfriend had gotten in his account and deleted me. All I could say to this was, "Way to be a man and let your woman control you!" I won't deny that it hurt. I still and probably will always have a soft spot for MatchMan. We talked for a while and caught up. It was kind of awkward.

ThugPassion was a man I also knew in my 20's, long before this blog was ever born. He and I had a little fling...that lasted over several years. There was obvious chemistry but little maturity on either of our parts. Neither of us communicated well, and we both had walls around us that hot sex couldn't pull down. I learned a few years back that he had gotten married. Yesterday, I logged into my messenger (which I hadn't used since about 2007), and he was on there! We had a nice little conversation and got a little closure to our old situation. He admitted he always has a thing for me but could never let himself go and love me. This seems to be a trend with me? Why has been so difficult for the men in my past to let go and be with me...truly be with me?

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