Thursday, July 7, 2011

I can't do this...

shit anymore. There I've said it. I took last year off from dating, thinking I just needed to take some time off. And now it's July...I've been open and willing to take chances for seven months now. I can't play the games and can't deal with the lies that go along with dating. I'm too honest, fragile, and lonely. There I said it. I'm tired of the disappointment after disappointment. I'm tired of the "excuses" and the bullshit and the baggage. Why can't people just say what's real? Do people even have respect for others anymore? Do they ever look deeper than the surface? Fuck it. I'm done with the whole process...I'll be the crazy fucking dog/cat lady who plays with her toys to get off. Humans don't seem to know how to connect anymore.

P.S. I'm drunk.

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Elle Grace - Miss. City Girl said...

Deep breath! Dating is hard. No one ever warns us the path is tricky and likely to hurt you. As you said, it's full of lies, games and just bullshit in general. But don't think of it as a chore though. You don't NEED a man to make you happy. Sure, it would be nice to have one around to open jars and mow the lawn but it's not the end of the world to be single. Try to focus on the good things in your life. Focus on you rather than others. Mr. Right will come along when you least expect it.

Hang in there. xx