Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

Try to keep up! It's Christmas, and it I've been given the gift of men! Suddenly, they are pouring out of the sky...from no where. Well, they did come from SOMEWHERE, but now they ALL want to spend time with me!

I was driving to visit my family when the texts started rolling in! Hot Stuff was the first to hit me up. He wanted to get together on Christmas night, but unfortunately, I wasn't going to be back in town by then. Hot Stuff will be going out of town to visit family next week, so that isn't going to pan out too soon.

Then City Boy, a guy I met on an online dating site, hit me up to remind me that he had arrived in my city. He comes to my city for holidays, as he has family here. He and I have chatted occasionally for the last year or so, but we have never been able to coordinate our schedules when he comes to town. Since he comes during major holidays, I am usually out of town myself. Now that we are both in the same city at the same time, we have made plans for Friday night! I'm not really sure what we will do yet, but I hope he is as sexy as his pictures suggest!

KH had already asked me out for Saturday night. He has left the activity choice up to me. Any suggestions??? I would like to do something different from your run-of-the-mill movies and dinner date.

And then tonight, while driving back from my family gathering, I received a text from FWB. And well, you know the story there. Of course, he wanted to get together and asked me if I was in town. Of course, I lied and said no. Technically, I wasn't....yet. I still had an hour or so left driving.

And finally, also during my drive home, I received a text from Ex-Coworker telling me he misses me and wants to see me soon. He and I have spoken randomly since his visit back in March, but I'm not really sure what his angle is. *sigh* So lately, he has told me he would like to try again, and he wants to come visit me. He tried to work it out during the holidays. Our schedules didn't jive though. Whatever. Men...pfft.


lisaq said...

Apparently that's the only way my holiday is going to be as full of men as yours is...if they start dropping from the sky and landing on my front lawn. Since I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen, I'm just going back to bed for the rest of the holiday season. Have fun girl. said...

Hey there!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I know someone who told me that she was corresponding by email with a guy she met online and she really liked his turns out his photo was from Glamour Shots!! A man who goes to Glamour Shots to have a retouched photo done? That is really just toooo much...

He told her that they "lightened" him up a bit...

She was really tripping about his confession...

A dude who walks into Glamour Shots for a photo and then asks them "can you make me look light-skinned?"

I am soooory...but no.

Anyhoo....hope things work out for you.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Robot Dancers said...

Here is my date suggestion: Laser Tag.

I'm serious...somehow you really bond with someone when you're running around trying to tage each other with lasers. It's fun and light.


Roxy said...

Good Gawd... Men are my favorite. Enjoy honey!

I say no more than 3 at a time... the holy trinity if you will ;)

complicated v said...

date suggestion: ice skating. or go get a wii if you don't have one. i swear to god since i've gotten one, i've become the most popular girl ever. my #3 is coming over tomorrow night to "play."

jo said...

oh lucky you!! i'm jealous 'coz there are simply no men interested or interesting :(

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

no wonder it hasnt 'rained' for months over here
coz you hogging all the men to your self over there
girl learn to share lol
enjoy your dates it doesnt rain forever

SaneAndSingle said...

Hey ladies! Those were some great date suggestions! Too bad I don't have a Wii! :(

And no, I'm not hogging all the men. You can have most of these! LOL

Kofi Bofah said...


I have no ideas who these people are.

And I don't want to disrupt girl-talk in here.

Carry on.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

It's nice to have options!