Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Top 3 Fave Curse Words, Tell-Offs, and Comebacks!

Ah, I have been tagged by Lisaq! I'm such an evil bitch, you would think this would be easy for me! The difficult part is narrowing this shit down to just THREE for each category!

SaneandSingle's Top 3 Curse Words:
1. Muthafuck (or any variation of the word...a simple "fuck" will also suffice!)
2. dumbfuck (yeah...I really do love the F bomb in all its forms!)
3. asswipe (hehe...usually exclaimed during moments of road rage)

SaneandSingle's Top 3 Tell-Offs:
1. Let me bend over and let you bite my big, fat, white, ass!
2. If I had a dick, you could suck that too!
3. Stupid should hurt! (another variation....Can't fix stupid!)

SaneandSingle's Top 3 Comebacks:
1. Aw honey, are there no mirrors at your house?
2. Being a fucktard is NOT a disability.
3. I know it hurts to think and talk at the same time.

I'm tagging jo, ecrivain, and Who's That Gurl?


jo said...

haha! i love yours! but i just realised that i might not be able to do this. 'coz i don't have any tell-offs or comebacks. at least none that i remember using on a regular basis. or else i'm ridiculously nice hahaha! as for curse words, the f bomb is my fave. and if dickhead, jackass, dammit, hell and shit count as curse words as well then yeah those too.

anonkate said...

Love comeback # 3

lisa q. said...

Haha...those are absolutely fabulous! I especially love your comebacks! Can I borrow them? :D

SaneAndSingle said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed my curse, tell-offs, and comebacks! Feel free to use them and share with your friends and loved ones!

jo, you must be sooo much nicer than I am! Steal other people's tell-offs and comebacks! LOL

jo said...

in that case, i'm stealing yours! haha!

Ecrivain said...

I'm insanely bad when it comes to comebacks or tell-offs. I'm more of the come-up-with-a-comeback-in-the-shower-3-hours-later type of gal.

I should probably take lessons from you!

Kelly said...

They made me laugh....I can think of several occasions where I could have used those!

cheekie said...

haha! good job!
love the fucktard one...hilarious!

Who's That Gurl? said...

Wow, I love a good challenge but I'm honestly stumped. This is strange since I fuss about somebody's dumb as* or feel like telling a few coworkers to kiss it...just kiss it every day! Not to mention the frequent melodic sound of the f-word that floats through my car on a regular basis (it usually precedes "idiot"). I'm usually more likely to convey tell-offs on-the-fly. I've added "can't fix stupid!" to my