Sunday, June 22, 2008

Period panties??

I met a new man on a dating website a couple weeks ago. We spoke on the phone daily, complete with "Good morning sweetie" text messages (from him to me). Unfortunately (or fortunately), he isn't a local man, so we had to postpone a meeting until both our schedules permitted. He only lives a couple hours away, so he made the drive to my city on a Friday night.

He played it smart and decided to get a hotel room instead of expecting to stay at my place. I mean what if we didn't hit it off??? He wasn't gonna be hanging in my space all weekend.

So I met Steve* at his hotel, and we went to dinner from there. Things were flowing well. Steve* was tall, dark, and handsome (every girl's stereotypical dream, huh?) We laughed, we joked, we talked about the flexibility of the word "fuck"**....all over a bottle of wine and some appetizers. And yes, we ended up back at the hotel, just talking. I thought we were going to bar, but he apparently had other plans. He said he wanted to just chill and watch TV. So somewhere in the conversation, Steve* asked what kind of panties I was wearing (Exsqueeze me?). I just laughed and said, "Well a girl can't be too creative during certain times of the month!" Steve* looked like an eight year old who just had his bike stolen! He asked, "so you're on your period?" I said, "Yes." He then had the nerve to say, "Why didn't you tell me that before I drove here?" Talking about a mood killer!

* Names have been changed to protect the lustful.
**Fuck in its various forms may serve a variety of purposes and can perform as several parts of speech, such as noun, adjective, verb, etc. Not to mention is an all-time favorite of mine!


jo said...

these stories are too crazy! girl, i have no idea where you find these men??

lisa q. said...

Good Lord! Talk about Mr. Full of Expectations! Sheesh!

P.O.M. said...

Just found your blog. Great stuff.
At least he got a hotel. My date this weekend ASSUMED (on our first date) that he could SPEND the night! Not a good idea since my ex still has my house key and likes to "stop over" whenver he feels so inclined.

So will you go out with him again?

SaneAndSingle said...

Oh no...I don't see another date in our future! Although, he has called several times to attempt to apologize!

Roxy said...


I'm sorry but I kinda side with him... only because I expect to get laid when I travel to meet men!


SaneAndSingle said...

I see your point, Roxy. BUT...I guess I should have shared prior convos, but I had already told him he wasn't getting laid, so as to avoid any confusion! Guess he didn't believe me though.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

If you had prev. conversations, then he was being a dick.

SaneAndSingle said...

Yep, we definitely did have previous convos about sex. He knew where I stood on the issue. Guess he didn't believe me.