Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Sexy Songs Today...

I know my posts on here have been few and far between. Like I've said before, work is insane. I've pretty much settled into a week day routine. I go to work, come home, feed the animals, and take my dog for a walk to to the dog park. I keep thinking one day I might run into a single man at the park. So far, no such luck! There was a guy there the first two times I went. He had a Boxer, and he was pretty cute (the man, that is...). He actually approached me and asked me where I work. When I told him, he said he knew me from somewhere but couldn't figure it out. Hmmm...the second time he showed up just before my four-legged boyfriend and I were leaving. We spoke briefly, and I haven't seen him again. All the other men at the dog park that I've spoken with have been married. Boo!

Have I mentioned that Ex-coworker resurfaced again? He did via text. He got all bitchy when I told him I didn't see the point of him visiting. A couple days later he emailed me to apologize and told me he would like to pick up where we left off. Hell, I'm not even sure where we left off, he comes and goes so much!

And about my friend and FB, I've called and messaged her, only to get no response. I would try to request her again, but apparently she has blocked me from contacting her on FB. This friend of mine has been known to take things personally and just cut people out of her life with no discussion. She had just never done it to me before. Mature, huh?

Oh yeah, I found out that young coworker set a date for his wedding last week. Good luck to him on that!

Still sexless in 2010...when does one begin the revirgination process?


Anonymous said...

About your FB "friend"...she's done it twice to me already. And as you know, what someone will do to others...they will eventually do to you. She's emotionally retarded. I don't need someone like that in my life, and neither do you. She has done us BOTH a favor...her season is up!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Emotionally Retarded should be an official term, because it definitely fits some people out there.

The Angel and Demon Within said...

Didn't we agree years ago that 6 months is the time limit for revirgination to begin.

I know your friend issue is weighing on you. Why not try and write a real letter and snail mail it to her. Get it all off your chest and then if she still wants to be a butt then so be it., do not walk, run away. You aren't a revolving door or filler for his life's low spots.