Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vegas baby!

So I haven't exactly been dating lately, but I did manage to go on a girls' trip to the lovely and sinfully fun Las Vegas. Yep, I'm talking eight hours of sleep in four days, a liquid diet consisting of alcohol and water*, and flirting with cute strangers while they let you gamble their money! A good time was had by all. I got back home early yesterday morning, and I still haven't recovered.

One the ladies with us actually met a man from another country who was doing this world travel thing for about 3 months. He was actually date material!! Who the hell goes to Vegas and meets a nice guy/boyfriend material?? While I didn't meet my future husband, I did have a good ole time, drinking and flirting and getting away from real life. Who knew the desert could be so fun?

In other news, RM is still coming around...I guess that's the closest thing to dating I have. Eh, it's easy and not too demanding...the sex is the BOMB! So I'll keep him for now. LOL

Ex-Coworker will be visiting in a couple weeks, and I'm more excited about seeing him again the closer it gets.

The ideas to shake things up a bit that I mentioned in a previous post have not come to fruition. I was going to get a local radio morning show to set me up on 20 blind dates. They have yet to respond to my email, so I'm not so sure it will happen. Sad, sad times of my dating life...

*I may have been drunk but not crazy! Must stay hydrated when taking in large amounts of alcohol in the desert!


Solomon said...

LMAO @ 20 blind dates!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Sounds like a blast! I haven't been to LV in a couple of years (New Orleans was my gambling choice)...but I'm headed out in Oct and/or Nov. I heart it something fierce!

SaneAndSingle said...

Solomon-Yeah, 20 blind dates! Why the hell not? If nothing else, it would be good blog material! Especially since my dating life resembles that desert surrounding Las Vegas! Hehe Now invite me to read your blog! You have it blocked!

Ramblings- It was such a blast! I've been before, and I'm never disappointed! Let me know how your trip goes!

lisaq said...

20 blind dates! Yikes! I'm not sure I'd be up for that. You're braver than I am girl!

Going to Vegas in October for a girl's weekend and absolutely cannot wait!

Roxy said...

not sure where you are, but I posted my craigslist rules on my blog.