Saturday, November 1, 2008

In Over My Head

I know I haven't been around much lately, so I owe everyone an update. The young coworker and I have become very good friends. We have so much in common that people have mistaken our friendship for more at work. It has even caused some drama and gossip. I can't stand gossipy women. If you have nothing better to do besides assume that a man and woman who get along well are fucking, then you need to get a life!!! I'm just sayin'....:).

Maybe he and I do flirt a little, but our personalities are eerily similar and just click. But, uh, need I remind you that he has a damn girlfriend, AND he is ten years younger than I am?! In addition, he really isn't what I usually find physically attractive.

BUT....last weekend, he sent me a text about my favorite football team losing* and a text conversation to beat all text conversations then ensued. Yep, we texted for 12 fuckin' hours!!! Of course, we were both carrying on our individual lives of football watching, movie watching, video game playing, and other assorted activities. He admitted to me that his girlfriend and he weren't getting along so well and that she was pissed at him because he refused to go to one of her friends' parties with her. The young coworker even suggested that I come over to THEIR house and drink with him. I obviously declined, because what would that look like if the girlfriend came home and I'm there drunk??? I said to him, "I'm not trying to get cut by your gf!" He said, "Yeah I was thinking the same thing, especially if she caught us fucking" Um, my jaw dropped! I laughed it off and told him that that wouldn't happen because both of us have morals. To which he said, "LOL"! That's it...then the conversation turned to McCain vs. Obama then to whether Radiohead was a good band then to work, etc.

Sooooo....young coworker and girlfriend are hosting a party tonight. I'm going. How comfortable!

*Yeah, he's an asshole like I am!


lisaq said...

Be careful girl. This is scary ground. Friends is one thing but this could easily head into FWB territory. You may need to be sure he understands the boundaries of your relationship so he gets whatever ideas he's entertaining in his head outta there.

Can't wait to hear how the party goes. Keep us posted!

SaneAndSingle said...

Oh no! This will not become an FWB situation. I don't need anymore of those. We have talked a little during the week at work. Another coworker and I had dinner with young coworker and his girlfriend last night.

Honestly, it's only a matter of time before their relationship ends, imo. I'm not saying that because I want him for myself or anything. I really like him as a friend, and I think he is just confused because he is so unhappy in his situation.

jo said...

hmm this almost sounds like how it used to be with shy (now ex) colleague and i. well except for the whole gf and going over to their house for a drink and overtly sexual talk kinda thing.

well i think there probably isn't any real reason to get worried as yet. i suppose it's just some harmless flirting with someone that you get along really well with. but that said, i'm interested to know how the party turns out...

Elusive Butterfly said...

Danger danger. Although hanging out with them will probably kill any sexual thoughts he has of you. That's what happened to me! Lost a good buddy over it but I don't need married men to be more attracted to me than his wife. What does that say about him?

dimplz said...

You work at a school right? Even if nothing happens between you guys your coworkers will still gossip that you are sleeping together. As long as you don't allow it to make your work life miserable, life is short. I say keep it moving.

Roxy said...

you're tredding in dangerous waters.

Just don't let your heart get involved and you'll always have the upper hand.

Can't wait to read about the party!