Monday, May 26, 2008

Whatever you do...DO NOT call me Big Daddy!

A year or so ago I met Deangelo* at a bar. We shared a beer and some decent, yet flirty, conversation. He asked me out on an "official" date, during which we again shared a beer and some flirty conversation after viewing one of the worst movies ever!**

Deangelo* was, of course, good on paper. He was a college graduate who was on a fast track career behind the scenes at professional sporting events. He was well-spoken, had a witty and intelligent sense of humor, was cute as a button in a snuggly teddy bear sort of way, and had all his teeth!! What can I say...I love a man with nice teeth, and Deangelo* had a fantabulous smile that made me wanna cuddle up next to him.

We spent a few nights hanging out, eating, drinking, and getting to know one another. He even came over to my house once for a "Blockbuster night", during which high school-style making out took place along with some under-the-shirt-over-the-bra petting. It was good stuff, fun with no pressure....lots of laughs.

This went on for a couple weeks. We would text message one another from work during the week. Of course, most of our texts were silly and flirty, and rarely serious. So, one afternoon as I'm leaving work, I send him a text and the texting convo went a little somethin' like this:

Me: "I hope your day has been going well, Big Daddy!"

Him: "Big Daddy? Where'd that come from?"

Me: "Just a little playful flirting, Big Daddy..."

Him: "Um...I don't get it...don't you think you are moving a little too fast?"

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "We've only known each other a couple weeks. It's too early for pet names."

Me: "Uh huh...ok"

I mean...really?? Who calls someone "Big Daddy" as a serious nickname??? I mean I give nicknames to the guys that work at the gas it that serious?? Did I commit a dating crime??

Deangelo* called me later that night and told me that this wasn't going to work. He said he didn't get my sense of humor and that "Big Daddy" comment was over the line. WTF?? I asked, "So you don't want to see me anymore because I jokingly called you 'Big Daddy' in a text message?" He responded, telling me it wasn't just that. He said that I did things that he couldn't deal when he came to my house, I made him come to me in order to get a hug. I guess I was supposed to run and jump into Big Daddy's arms!

*Names have been changed in order to protect all the Big Daddies out there.
**He picked the dumbass movie!! Movie titles have been withheld to protect the feelings of screenwriters, producers, and all other personnel involved with the making of terrible movies.

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Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you were just too much woman for him. From the way he sounds you're better off without him. Too many men today seem to still expect that subservient woman that will bow to their needs. Somebody needs to tell them this is 2008 not 1908!