Monday, June 27, 2011

Some things never change...

When my high school friend came to visit, it was like we were back in high school again...and I definitely don't mean that in a good way. She drove from a city about two hours away, and she was extremely late due to thunderstorms. When we finally did arrive at the seedy little bar where our other friend was playing, she said, "Oh, there's a parking spot!" So I thought we had found a prime spot on the street. It was raining hard, and I didn't realize it wasn't a real spot until I looked back from the entrance of the bar. I stayed long enough to down one drink and progressively became more worried about my car. When I ran out into the rain to move it, there was a nice wet parking ticket on the windshield. I managed to find a REAL spot on the next block. When I returned, my friend was on her third drink. Soon after, my friend's band was done with their set, and they came to join us at the bar. Apparently my HS girl friend is still quite the hottie for her age, because the men in the band took pictures of her like she was some super model. She continued to down the drinks and started booty shaking to heavy metal music! I mean...REALLY?? I was quite embarrassed and very uncomfortable. We closed the bar down, and she stumbled out to the car (again in the rain). Once on the interstate, my HS girl friend started mumbling, saying we may have to pull over. Next I know, her head is hanging out of the window while vomit streaks the side and windows of my car. I pulled off to the side, so that she could open the door and puke on the ground like a proper lady. I did this twice on the way home. I honestly don't think I've ever had to pull over for someone to puke. She continued to dry heave once we made it back to my place. REMEMBER WE ARE IN OUR 30'S!! Shouldn't this behavior be behind us? I was so relieved the next morning when she left and said that she would be staying with another friend that night. She is still the same drunken attention whore she was back in the day!

In other news, not another word from Coach. Gee, imagine that! Stalker came over Saturday night and watched a DVD. And hot sex...just cuddling on the couch and hand holding.

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