Thursday, March 31, 2011

POF or POS???

So when I decided that I wanted to try dating again at the beginning of the year, I joined Plenty of Fish. I chose this website because it's free. I thought I was ready to get back out there, but I didn't want to pay to do it! Well, maybe it is true that you get what you pay for! So far, I've had to throw all that fish I've caught right back out into the pond! :) The next couple entries (coming this weekend) will about those fish caught on Plenty of Shi...I mean Fish.


Ecrivain said...

OMG. I'm on Plenty of Fish right now...and honestly, it's the same as any other site (except it's free).

Seriously, the same guys are on all of the sites -- it's like they post their profiles on every available site. One guy contacted me on Lavalife AND Plenty of, I say, try it out. It's free...what do you have to lose?

BTW -- love the new look of the blog.

Roxy said...

i say keep going and get the stories. That was the whole purpose of my blog when I first started... and then I met my fiance... on CRAIGSLIST.

Enjoy it with an open mind and zero expectations. And remember that the DELETE button is your best friend.

Ted said...

From a guys perspective: I am married now, but when single, I tried POF/POS. Many single mothers with a huge list of requirements far beyond what they merit. Think many gals on here are shopping for that one in a million guy, like playing the lottery. Few actually serious about meeting a soul mate unless it will greatly enhance their net worth. Most are delusional about their actual value in the dating market, and have been on the site a long time because no one is good enough for them.