Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surgery Sucks!

But having my mom visit for a week and a half made it better! Yes, I finally had that knee surgery last Friday. The recovery is going better than I thought it would. I have been to physical therapy twice this week and been doing my "homework" the therapist assigned. I surpassed my first week's goal of bending my knee 90 degrees by about 12 degrees! Yay me! I celebrated with red velvet cake and an ice pack to the knee for 15 minutes! My mom traveled south back to her home today. I'm going to miss her. She came to stay with me last Wednesday. This was the most time alone my mom and I have spent together in years. Believe it or not, I didn't want to squeeze her head off!

So yeah, no dating right now. The crutches aren't a very appealing accessory, I'm sure. I'll be back out there in 4-6 weeks! :)


Roxy said...

yay! glad you're recovery is going well.

And LOVE the new blog design... much brighter!

Lindsey said...

Hope you're all better now!

healy said...

hope you are happy with the results. . It really sucks but feel better after:0 God bless