Monday, February 1, 2010

Nibbles and Bites

Today has been the mother of all days! I took my cat to the vet for an injured paw, and she ended up in surgery. The vet fixed the paw and pulled several of her teeth. Wowzers! What a vet bill!! My baby girl has always had a dental problem, and I knew that it would come to this one day. I just didn't wake up thinking today would be it. In other pet news, the new man of the house is doing better. I think he just prefers to be crated when left alone. The day of the barking complaint, I had left him baby-gated in the kitchen, with no background noise. He was probably just scared.

In dating news, I can report that has picked up a little. I joined again a while back, but I hadn't met anyone of interest on there. In the last couple days, there has been two bites and a nibble. One man and I have exchanged numbers (yesterday) but haven't talked on the phone yet. Another one asked if I'd like to meet for drinks this week. And the nibble...well, he just emailed me today. But I like his profile and pics. We shall see...


The Angel and Demon Within said...

Oh, Poor S. I hope she is doing better. Bye-bye tax refund? ;)

I hope your bites turn out well. I'll be looking forward to hearing all about them.

jo said...

aww poor kitty. so how do your dog and cat co-exist in peace?

two bites and a nibble sounds like a good start :)

All Women Stalker said...

two bites and a nibble sounds like a great title for a novel. :)

Yeah, puppies like white noise when they're alone. Glad you finally figured it out.