Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello! I do apologize for my long absence! The second week of my Christmas vacation, I just relaxed and did a little (and I do mean little) unpacking. The first week back at work was hectic, and I just didn't have blogging time and energy. And the last week or so, I've been hibernating!

I did go on another E-Harmony date just after New Year's. Apparently, E-Harmony has me pegged as BORING! This guy was so dry. We met for lunch, and he didn't even get lunch! He ordered hot chocolate, while I ate. He bored me to tears with tales of his dog. So yeah, it was another pleasant and free lunch due to E-Harmony.

Teacher Man responded to the text I told you about here with "So are you saying you don't want to hang out tonight?" I explained to him I wanted to go on an actual date. He didn't get it, and I haven't heard from him since. Oh well.

I ran into Bookstore Boy last week guessed it...the bookstore. I was just running in to use my gift card and buy a couple books for my hibernation. He followed me upstairs and asked me why I hadn't called or written him on Facebook. I told him that our last meeting was a turn-off, that he is too aggressive, and he doesn't listen to anything I say. I was in no mood for niceties or small talk at the time. It was cold, and I was ready to be back on my couch with a good book. He told me "I don't really care anyway. Goodbye (Sane). Have a nice life." I told him goodbye. He has since deleted me on Facebook. Sigh...

I haven't seen Stalker since he brought my Christmas gift over. I have heard from him via text a couple times. The first time was just before New Years when he suggested I try Craigslist for finding some dates and then told me he never saw us as anything more than friends. Whatever. He then started forwarding ads to me! I told him to leave me the hell alone. Since then he has texted twice to ask how I was doing. I give very little response back.

I did check out Craigslist, but most men on there in my city seem to be looking for sex only. One guy did catch my attention. I responded. We emailed back and forth a couple times and even exchanged pics and phone numbers. His pic was from far away and he had on sunglasses, so there is no telling what he actually looks like. I asked for another pic, to which he responded "I'll send it when I get home." I never did get it. I wrote to him again, asking for it. Again, I got no response. So yeah, dating is non-existent as of 2010.


The Angel and Demon Within said...

Glad to hear that your still breathing.

Why comment back to stalker at all? I can't believe he would send you personal adds from craigslist! LOL

Have you looked into the to see what types of groups are in your area? It might be nice just to find a new group to go bowling with or a book club.

At the moment, I'm back to feeling that relationships are way over rated. Enjoy your personal space and freedom!

Dater at Large said...

Welcome back! I have a long (and hysterical) past with CraigsList dating, and although most of the ads in my city have turned into spambot, I still think you can get genuine responses from normal guys (sifting of course through some crappy ones). Put a post up! Actually, maybe I will, too!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

CraigsList personals seem like a mix between a Key Party and a guy in one of those Kid Toucher vans with no windows.

jo said...

stalker is just weird to have send you those personal ads. is he trying to be your matchmaker now? sheesh!

Young woman on a journey said...

um...i hate stalker a little bit. how rude and patronizing to send you actual ads. I mean, something good might come of it. but still!

happy new year! glad you are back!

StudentOfLife said...

I'm hating Stalker a tad ... more... now. What a douche! And so full of ish! 'Nothing more than friends'. Really? Maybe if he repeats this a few times he'll start to believe it himself. What-ev-a!! Ugh!

I'm glad you've gotten in some hibernation and relaxation! You deserve it!!

jolie fatale said...

welcome back and please refrain from answering stalker at all. he's just plain rude